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This form is for personal use commission work, artwork that can be enjoyed and shared online in a noncommercial manner. If you’re interested in artwork that includes additional reproduction rights for things like book covers, stickers, or other items you plan to use commercially, please send me an email!

Used to list a buyer on my public queue, as well as credit when posting artwork online. If you wish for this to be a private commission, or things like gifts, please label this 'Anon'
All contact will be done through this email, please make sure this is correct!
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Iron Artist slots 50 total
31/50 Filled

The theme for this round is to break away from the comfort zone that sets characters in a basic ‘standing looking at the viewer’ pose.
Art work done for this Iron Artist will be a bit more uniquely cropped or framed, dynamic, and in most cases will not feature a character’s full face (like the sample sketches.)

  • Artwork will be finished in a cell shaded style, you can see more samples of past cell shaded commissions over here.
  • As the pose is the focus, little to no background elements will be used.
  • To keep things quick, no preliminary sketch steps will be provided for this round. You will get a finished file only.
  • I will however make small changes in the case that I’ve missed something on the character references provided, or errors on my part.

Describe your characters, (or characters) and any details about them not shown or different than in your reference images.
Note: Files over 2MB will need to be linked rather than uploaded, to help avoid server time outs when submitting this form.
General background requests are best when giving a setting, mood, and any items you want included in the scene, leaving the composition, view and finer details for me to fill in. Examples:
1: The setting is a Roman garden full of white roses, my character is dancing in the moonlight, sending pellets flying.
2: My character is creeping through a narrow street in a dystopian city, oblivious warning lights should be going off in the backdrop.
Complex backgrounds leave the composition, and tighter details to your description and provided images. If you want a kitchen to look just like one in a photo reference, or want to make sure the image is drawn from a very specific view point, this is the option best suited for your commission.
Note: Files over 2MB will need to be linked rather than uploaded to help avoid server time outs when submitting this form.
*Discount to total price. I will only make edits to finished images in the case that I miss character details given in references. Additional changes to the scene will cost extra. Please only pick this if you enjoy complete artistic freedom.
Need this artwork by a set date, or plan to pick it up at an upcoming convention? Please leave any additional notes here!
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