Convention Sketches

Super Weekend Sketches!

These are ‘Pay What You Want’ with some tiers:

$10 minimum. At $25 you get a full body sketch. $50 and up, two characters or a two step sequence.

Shipping of Originals :

  • Original Sketches can be mailed, please state this when submitting a form, if you don’t request this on submitting, I CAN NOT send it later.
  • Shipping costs are extra and will vary by your location. I will send an additional invoice after your sketches are done to cover shipping.

What you get :

  • Pencil sketches like the samples done on cardstock if you want the original mailed to you.
  • A large high res PSD scan of the final.
  • These are artistic freedom, quick sketches done over the weekend while you enjoy the convention. You can set a scene, mood and pose, but I will not be sending approval steps or making sweeping changes once completed. Small edits for things I miss on character sheets like markings, glasses, ect will be accommodated however.
  • Keep it simple, these are meant to be fun open ended requests, not huge scenes better fitted for larger commissions. I will refund any requests I feel push beyond what I can do over the weekend.
  • The maximum I will do per request is 2 full bodies. Either two characters, or two steps in a sequence of the same character.
  • PG and pin up only. No adult work.
  • Okay themes: Pinup nudity, transformation, vore, gore, blood.
  • ONE request per person.

Sign me up! :

  • Send a payment.
  • Once sent, submit a form below.
  • If you have any issues with the form, please email the same information required to


Thanks for all the support